TROUBLED WATERS: Salinity levels spike overnight

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Please note salinity levels at St Helen’s spiked last night after peak tide to above 200 ms/m and pump station feed to the plant had to be halted at 20:00.

Salinity levels as at 05:00 is 420 ms/m slowly dropping. St Helen’s rock pump station currently feeding storage dam to aid removal of saline water at abstraction to facilitate plant supply.

Plant production is currently halted and plant command reservoir less than 10%.

All plant boosters are off including Sport and Leisure and Murchison pumps.

Umzimkhulu, Seaslopes, Marburg, Gamalakhe command reservoirs are critical low/empty i.e.: Northern, Southern, Gamalakhe and Marburg systems are currently low.

Therefore Margate, Ramsgate, Marburg, Albersville, and all other adjacent areas are affected.

Relief water trucks will prioritize the hospitals until such time that the plant has water to recommission Sport and Leisure.

Residents are urged to use whatever fresh water they have more sparingly than before.

Situation is being closely monitored.

Kindly allow at least 12 hours for another feedback.

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