Ugu confirms impasse between management and workers

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The municipality is currently experiencing disruptions of water supply in most areas across the district.

This comes in the wake of a prolonged labour unrest that has broken out across the district by municipal workers affiliated to union SAMWU.

And this protest has been characterised by disruptions on the delivery of water and sanitation services and a high level of vandalism of municipal water infrastructure which has compromised our ability to provide services.

The state of water and sanitation supply under the drought-stricken areas of Umuziwabantu has reached a critical stage as our systems has reached a state of collapse in that area due to acts of sabotage.

Areas under Ray Nkonyeni, Umzumbe and Umdoni are also subjected to limited services due to unavailability of personnel to respond in time to all the reported maintenance work in our water and sanitation systems.

Attempts by the municipality to source service providers to deal with the service backlog has been met with resistance due to prevalent acts of intimidation being directed to those seeking to render services to the municipality during this period.

The leadership of the municipality is working tirelessly toward responding to the numerous outcries of water and sanitation services coming from the multitudes of our residents whilst also addressing the impasse that exists between the municipality and its workers.

Limited relief supply measures of water are being prioritised to the adversely affected areas while we call for patience and support from our residents during this period. Working together, we can put an end to this lawlessness and ensure that all residents in the district gain access to the basic services enjoined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

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