Ugu installs new pump to increase water production

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The municipality continues with its plans to upgrade its water infrastructure and has this week installed and commissioned a new low lift pump at Umthamvuna Raw Water Pump Station.

This work has necessitated for a partial shutdown of the pump station and was completed on time and will serve as great news to the surrounding community who had to endure hardships as a result of constant water supply interruptions with extended repairs lead times and most importantly, risks of irreparable pump damages. The old pump was sent for a complete overhaul to serve as a temporary standby unit.

The R1,4 million pump installation comes with bigger capacity to meet the growing water demand in areas that are being supplied by the Umthamvuna system.

The commissioning of this new low lift pump forms part of the municipality’s continued efforts of upgrading its water infrastructure which will enable to respond to the ever- increasing demand of water supply in the district.

The next phase of this infrastructure upgrade at this pump station is underway and involves power upgrade by Eskom and the Hanover pump station intended to increase water production in this plant to create a reliable source of water supply.

The implementation of these project reiterates our continued commitment to our communities of providing water and sanitation services regardless of whatever challenges we may encounter during this period.

Also, the recent spate of increasing numbers of confirmed cases of Covid-19 among municipal employees still poses a real threat to the execution of municipal services during this period.

We appeal for calm and patience from our residences who might be inconvenienced by the unprecedented interruption of municipal services.

The municipality is doing everything possible to combat the rapid spread of Covid-19 infections among its workers.

For more information and media queries contact: Municipal Spokesperson
Mr France Zama

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