Ugu karateka impress on national stage

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WKF Ugu karateka made KwaZulu-Natal proud at the Karate South Africa All Styles Development National Tournament held in Durban recently.

Students from four dojos from Port Shepstone – that of Sensei Coenie Vrey, Shihan Frank Moodley, Sensei Elsie Pretorius and Sensei Grant Selkon – and one from Umzinto, Sempai Eden Jackson’s, represented the WKF Ugu Karate Region and the province.

Karateka from as far afield as Limpopo, Gauteng and the Western Cape travelled to Durban to participate in the national tournament of affiliated karate styles, which is held annually to promote, develop and give karateka the opportunity to compete in Sport Karate.

Ugu and KZN’s (back from left) Shihan Frank Moodley, Sensei Elsie Pretorius, Sensei Coenie Vrey, Sensei Grant Selkon, (middle from left), Travis Campher, Lincoln Chateau, Ayushman Kalicharan, Tinielle Burger, Richie Swanepoel, Tiaan Retief (front from left) Andre Beneke, Miguel Gous, Blake Hogan, Ciandri du Preez, Tyrese Faro, Savir Chingai and Dylan Peeriyalal.

A very professional standard of refereeing and organisation was displayed by Karate KwaZulu-Natal. Students (white to purple belt) competed in Unison Kata, Kata and Kumite and won medals in all three disciplines.

WKF Ugu karateka truly impressed and achieved both WKF Ugu Development colours and Karate KwaZulu-Natal Development colours.

Ugu’s Lydia Naidoo, Nehemiah Moodley and Ethan Pillay from Umzinto.

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