‘Vandals’ give Ugu and residents of Mtwalume area hard time

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The municipality has completed the repairs of the 315mm PVC main pipe. which was set alight and damaged by vandals at Nomakhanzana area in Mtwalume.

The main water pipeline which feeds supply to the Command reservoir in the area was discovered damaged on Tuesday by vandals and the extent of damage was so significant in that residents of Mtwalume had to endure the inconvenience of no water supply for days.

Our technicians are currently onsite charging the supply lines to balance the water network in the area. The municipality has been implementing water rationing under this area due to our water treatment plant at Mtwalume being overwhelmed by the ever-increasing demand of water supply and the mushrooming of illegal connections in the area.

This places a huge strain on the water network and compromises the efficiency of the system to rebuild and restore supply to the affected areas. Low lying areas have reported to be receiving supply while the system is charging up to restore supply to the rest of the affected areas.

The municipality requests communities to assist in safeguarding municipal infrastructure against vandalism as this is not only costly to the municipality but causes an unnecessary inconvenience to the residents whose service is being affected.

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