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The checkpoints implemented by residents had greatly assisted in keeping out these unwanted elements.

Wednesday, July 14, saw an assembly of concerned residents from the suburbs and rural areas at a safety and security meeting called by IFP MP Narend Singh and IFP Cllr Jane Naidoo.

The meeting was held in an open area at the Singh family’s Caltex fuel station.

Reeling from the shock of the burning of commercial buildings and rampant looting of goods from shops, and the threatened invasion of homes, residents rallied to consolidate the efforts of neighbourhood watches and patrol teams that had protected homes during the civil unrest. Mr Singh presented an overview of the events since the unrest started.

He said that there was definitely a need for more resources.

At Mr Singh’s request, community leaders from Willow Glen, Crowder, Fountain Head, Roseneath, Sunpark, Craigieburn, Newhaven, Saiccor Village, and Umkomaas village briefly described the strategies they had employed and the obstacles they had encountered during the crisis.

Mr Singh emphasised that all community activities must be well co-ordinated and conducted within the ambit of the law.

Spokespersons from the taxi association and the Community Police Forum derided the wanton destruction of property and the looting.

Reports received were that vehicles from outside the area with blacked-out registration plates, were seen entering V Section and Dark City with passengers and exiting without them. The modus operandus of the well-orchestrated rioting was that “instigators” were being dropped off in selected areas to foment unrest.

The checkpoints implemented by residents had greatly assisted in keeping out these unwanted elements.

A co-coordinating committee with representatives from every area and from neighbourhood watches, was established to work closely with the SAPS to safeguard the residential and commercial properties.

The co-coordinating committee held a meeting to plan their strategy and to advise residents on the re-opening of stores and fuel stations, the availability of provisions, and most importantly, the prevention of further attacks.


Article written by: MSCRS Reporter

Photo credit: Cape Town ETC


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