Unhappiness about Jazz Festival

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Although the Ugu Jazz Festival itself over the weekend is being regarded as a resounding success as an event by both the organisers, participants and fans, there is a lot of unhappiness amongst Margate and Gamalakhe residents who were affected by the spinoffs of the event.

Margate residents are up in arms because of the raucus pre-party that was held there before the weekend, which involved people partying in the streets into the early hours of the morning and the resultant trashing of the area and the noise factor.  Gamalakhe residents are extremely unhappy because they had to go home via a considerably lengthy detour because of the early cordoning off of the streets around the Ugu Sport and Recreation Centre.   This was done to avoid the chaotic traffic congestion of last year, but caused severe problems for commuters going home.

Earlier, Afriforum and neighbouring farmers were unsuccessful in their efforts to get a court injuction to stop the festival.   Afriforum chairman Carlo Viljoen told  eHowz!t that the organisation was preparing for more legal action against the organisers, which would be announced later this week.    At the time of posting this story, eHowzit had not been able to get hold of a spokesman for the organisers, but as soon as we are successful, we will share their reaction and Afriforum’s intentions, as soon as they become available.


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