Uvongo Tennis Club champions crowned

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After four weeks of well-contested matches, the 2019 Uvongo Tennis Club Championships came to an exciting end recently.

The men’s round-robin games, held to determine the finalists, were tightly contested. In the men’s singles event, the contenders for the final were only determined in the last match played.

Similarly, in the men’s doubles there was a three-way tie in the round-robin for the second semi-final slot. Ultimately, it had to be decided on the number of matches won as opposed to the number of games. This simply added to the intrigue of the events.

Gules Salotollo secured the men’s singles title after seeing off Peter Digby 6/3 and 6/4 in the final. Dianne Digby claimed the ladies singles crown courtesy of a 6/0, 6/3 win over Lyn Shell.

Peter and Dianne Digby managed to retain their title of mixed doubles champions, beating Bruce Lill and Val Kriel 6/2 and 6/1. Salotollo and Howard Osborne ousted Lill and Jan Kajaan 6/3, 6/1 to be crowned men’s doubles champions, while Kriel and Digby defeated Shell and Sonja Watt 6/0 and 7/6 in the ladies doubles decider.

Norman Davies did an excellent job of running the tournament and there was a lot of “there isn’t a part of me that does not hurt” feedback from the players.

Photo: Mixed doubles finalists Val Kriel, Bruce Lill, Dianne Digby and Peter Digby.

Men’s singles finalists Peter Digby and Gules Salotollo.
Ladies singles finalists Dianne Digby and Lyn Shell.
Men’s doubles finalists Gules Salotollo, Howard Osborne, Bruce Lill and Jan Kajaan.
Ladies doubles finalists Dianne Digby, Val Kriel, Lyn Shell and Sonja Watt.

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