VIDEO: Day of tears ends with hope at Lower South Coast SPCA

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The Lower South Coast SPCA ark heroes had to overcome another unsettling challenge on Friday.

It was a dramatic day of stress and tears but one that ended on a positive note.

Dalene Erasmus from Lower South Coast SPCA detailed the events in a social media post, saying,

“Arrived back at unit today only to find the main gate closed. Immediately sensed something was wrong.

“Adoption and clinic staff were all lying on the ground looking under a vehicle.

“A female doggy was surrendered late afternoon. She jumped out of the boot of the vehicle. Terrified and very traumatized.

“I thought to myself we have endured so much this week. So much cruelty and abuse. Now this incident.

“My fear that this doggy would escape and run towards the freeway made me feel so guilty in a way as I still had to raise funds to make sure that all escape areas in parking lot was fenced in.

“All efforts were made to get her from under the vehicle. It was impossible, she would not move. I asked the gentleman if he had a jack to lift the one side of the vehicle.

“Once the vehicle was lifted, the staff member could reach the dog. Her heart was beating very fast. Big eyes filled with fear.

“She was covered in a blanket lying on the gravel. We spoke to her softly and promised her that she would never be locked in a boot again and that we would get her rehomed in a loving home.

“Whilst talking to her I noticed her eyes filled with tears. It is not often that a dog cries tears. I was so touched by this little girl who was obviously no more welcome in her family’s lives.

“We named her Mina, which means Love. May God protect all the Mina doggies out there that live a life of fear and abuse.

“Mina was immediately treated for all the parasites on her body. I later visited her in the kennel. She had her back to the door. Her heart broken.

“Mina, time heals all heartache and soon you will find a loving home that will give you all the love in the world. The SPCA is your new family for now.

“A big thank you to all the staff members who helped with this rescue operation. You guys are true animal warriors.

“Please donate as little as R30 towards Mina’s treatment.”

Account no 1184618100
Branch 198765
Reference MINA


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