VIDEO: Female Hulk trains her buff boyfriend

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Not only has Brittany “Flex” Watts just qualified for the Superbowl of Bodybuilding, Mr Olympia, but she is also supporting her boyfriend, Julio, training for his first competition.

Brittany, 31, from Miami has been an IFBB pro for years, and now her boyfriend and training partner is joining her.

Brittany’s proud of Julio, but she can’t help but highlight the differences between female and male bodybuilding.

Prizes in the women’s competitions are around $50K but men get paid a whopping $750K.

Not only that, but women have to shell out $4K for their makeup, tan, nails, hair and glitzy suits, whereas men only have to spend $300 on a tan and shorts. 

Truly joins Brittany and Julio for an intense workout, and a posing lesson from Brittany.

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