Warthog rocks YouTube with dance moves

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A little lost warthog has become a YouTube sensation, attracting fans to support a wildlife organisation through his bizarre dance antics.

Spike, the little warthog, was found abandoned on a local farm and was brought to UmPhafa private nature reserve by staffers who planned to rear the tiny orphan.

He was barely a week old and had been abandoned after a severe storm in which his mother had fled for shelter and he had been left behind.

Eager staffers were lining up to hand feed the tiny warthog with his milk bottle and he quickly became very fond of his human carers, and followed them everywhere.

He soon became quite the party animal when he engaged in hilarious behaviour during a staff first aid meeting. Ignoring the dummy, which needed resuscitating, he started um … dancing. The staff were stunned by his version of bushveld break dancing.

A savvy staffer captured Spike’s unique movements on film and now Spike has been immortalised among YouTube’s list of animal celebs.

But since those heady days of stardom a few months ago, Spike has grown up and been rehabilitated into the wild, and now does what most warthogs do – he forages for tasty roots and digs holes in the mud.

Occasionally, you will see his tail sticking in the air as he zooms off in the distance. UmPhafa private nature reserve belongs to Colchester Zoo in the United Kingdom. You can read more about their projects and watch Spike’s warthog break dancinghere:

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