WATCH: 40 ton humpback leaps clean out of the water

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This marvelous footage was captured in the Eastern Cape as four scuba divers who were hoping to capture a sighting of dolphins as the annual ‘sardine run’ migration takes place. Instead they witnessed the gigantic glory of 40 tons soaring into the air and crashing down into the waters creating a massive splash back. Set up in their inflatable boat they captured the glorious footage and were able to see a mother Humpback whale swimming with her calf. After several hours of waiting on the ocean this was a wonderful and exciting moment.

This day, there were few sardine sightings but the whales seemed to be everywhere! An unexpected bonus! Capehart stated. It is the first caught footage of an adult Humpback Whale leaping fully out of the water. The beauty of Nature in South Africa shines through in so many ways.


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