WATCH: Double down with Southbroom resident pro

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Southbroom Golf Club’s resident pro Derek James is back with another lockdown training tip.

This week’s tip is both a great practise and warm-up drill.

“Swinging clubs in each hand is a wonderful drill if you let it,” James explains. “The real trick is to let the club tell you what to do. Don’t manipulate the club but rather feel the weight of the club and let it swing.

“The club in the left hand is held by the top three fingers (not the thumb and pointing finger). Your left thumb gets under the grip at the top of the backswing and follow through. So simply put your left hand holds the club.

“The right hand is in your fingers like you would throw a stone. Once again feel the weight and you will quickly notice how much more speed you can generate with your right as against your left. So again – simply put, hold with your left and smack with your right. Always let your legs work.

“When the clubs go back, so does your weight and when your clubs go forward, so does your weight.”

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