WATCH: Heather Clark dresses up for ‘surf’ to beat lockdown blues

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She’s the queen of South African surfing and the face of the sport on the South Coast.

Port Shepstone legend Heather Clark has done it all. She’s a record eight-time South African open champion, a multi-time national masters champion, a two-time world masters champion and the only South African surfer to ever win the prestigious Hawaiian Triple Crown.

Right now though, “Fergie” as she’s fondly known, is fed up…and going a little crazy. Never before has the former ASP World Tour campaigner been out of the ocean this long while being fit and healthy.

The coronavirus pandemic has left her with serious surfing withdrawal – a longing to return to her home away from home where she continues to be the gold standard of competitive women’s surfing as well as coach to future stars with her surf school.

Like most ladies, she’s also missing a nice night out, so she decided to kill two birds with one stone by dressing up for a “surf” in her pool on Saturday.

In these trying times, it’s great to see a superstar like Clark taking to social media to lighten the mood in true South African fashion.

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