WATCH: Short and sweet tip from Southbroom resident pro

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Another week, another lockdown training tip from Southbroom Golf Club’s resident pro Derek James.

This week’s tip is all about the short game and saving shots.

James explains, “The Pros are so good at getting down in two from around the green and saving par. The year Luke Donald became no.1 in the world, he had the least amount of dropped shots of anyone on Tour.

“He was so good around the greens. He didn’t make the most birdies, hit the most greens or drive the longest, but rather made the least number of mistakes.

“For sure that is where the short game counts. There is no one way to play the game but the three points I will demonstrate are so important.

“No.1: 70% of your weight must be on your left side (for the right-handed golfer) staying there on the backswing and going to 80% on the follow-through. This helps you to hit down.

“No. 2: Hit little cut shots. With short shots your feet should aim slightly left of the flag, so quite simply your swing path should just follow your feet. The bounce of the club works better and there is more speed

“No. 3: Do not keep your legs dead stiff or still. There should still be a small pivot even on the shortest of shots.

“This small movement of your hips and legs will keep you relaxed and moving. Toss a ball toward the hole and see what your lower half does naturally. So, where is your weight? Hit a cut shot and let your lower half go!”

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