WATCH: South Coast surfer Royden Bryson shoots his shot

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Royden Bryson is the first South Coast surfer to enter the 2020 Zigzag Monster Combo.

The Monster Combo is an online campaign celebrating progressive, high-performance surfing with the largest prize purse for a South African surf event in 2020.

The winner will earn a whopping R20 000 in cash plus a place on an international Zigzag and Monster editorial surf trip, while Channel Islands surfboards, Pollywog hampers, cold hard cash, cases of Monster Energy and more prizes are also up for grabs.

The competition got underway on 15 September and runs over three months, with three monthly winners and the overall champion crowned in December.

For the first time in 2020, the Monster Combo has also introduced the Local Heroes division to celebrate and reward high-quality progressive surfing from the average Joe’s and Josephine’s in the general public.

Each month along with the best entry, these local legends with win a brand new Billabong wetsuit, a custom built Channel Islands surfboard and a case of Monster Energy.

Entries must show a single ride with variation, with at least two completed manoeuvres to qualify. Wave size, length of ride, flow between manoeuvres and technical difficulty will all be assessed by the judges. Public votes will be open for the last three days of each month.

Surfers must upload their entries in video format for Zigzag to upload to the website and will be entered and posted in the month they are received.

Decorated Ugu Surfriders veteran Bryson submitted a backside banger (filmed by Caleb Rogers) that saw him throw sick carves and tuck into the tube twice.

For more information, visit

Photo by Jacques Sellschop

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