WATCH: Southbroom resident pro’s swing drill

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Southbroom Golf Club’s resident PGA pro Derek James is back with another training tip.

“This week’s drill is so simple. It will help you turn when swinging the club black, and give the correct sensation starting your downswing,” says James.

“As you will see in the video, I am lifting my left heel as I start back. It makes it easier to turn especially as we get older. It also removes the stiffness from the legs.

“Just make sure that your head does not go up on the backswing. So, the left heel comes up and the left knee points to the ball.

“The second part is starting your downswing by putting your left heel back on the ground which means you are starting your downswing from the ground up.

“Some teachers say don’t do this. Well, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson won 25 Majors between them doing just this. Not bad!

“First of all – drill this without hitting a ball and feel the timing. It’s so simple – left heel goes up on the backswing and then down, starting the downswing.”

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