WATCH: The incredible story of Warner Beach surfing legend Frankie Oberholzer

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Warner Beach-based Frankie Oberholzer has travelled the world and surfed the most iconic spots with some of the biggest names in the sport, and he’s still shredding.

In Episode 3 of Made In South Africa, filmmaker Jason Hearn finishes his exploration of his home country with the South Coast legend, one of surfing’s greatest characters.

Hearn revisits the story of Oberholzer’s rise to fame after Derek Hynd put him on Rip Curl’s The Search alongside Tom Curren.

Today, Oberholzer leads a quiet, contented life, fishing and surfing along with his son Koby, whenever possible.

The Search might have been a long time ago, but Oberholzer’s style in the water has not faded a bit. He was, and remains, one of the best free surfers on the planet.

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