Water restrictions: latest from Ugu on status of water supply in district

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Ugu District is among the districts in Kwazulu Natal province facing water scarcity which is exacerbated by the increasing demand, unmanageable use of water, and the climate change. Water remains a critical natural resource for sustainable economic and social development as well as for maintaining healthy ecosystems. It is therefore crucial that water be conserved, managed and used sparingly to achieve socio-economic development.

During the past festive season, the Southern part our district (Hibiscus Coast) had experienced an extremely high demand of water consumption which was somewhat attributed to high volumes of visitors in our district towns. Despite this, the district municipality ensured that plans were put into place in ensuring that all the affected areas had access to water during the festive season through various means.  The Northern part of the district (Umdoni, Umzumbe and Vulamehlo) has experienced a stable supply of water with routine maintenance issues being attended too timeously. Umuziwabantu still remains the highly affected area with drought the situation as water supply in most areas is being restricted due to shortage of water. As the heat wave persists and dam levels continue to plummet in the area as a result of the lack of significant rains, consumers are still being urged to use the available water responsibly and sparingly.

Overall, our water systems are under severe stress due to high water consumption in most areas. And our obligation as a District Municipality of extending and sustaining water access to eighty four (84) municipal wards which culminates into six (6) local municipalities in the district is still underway. With the population close to a million dependent on our service provision of water and sanitation, the municipality is continuously engaged in expanding and maintaining our infrastructure to enable us to ensure that all communities have adequate access to our services.

The less rain received which was accompanied by high temperatures with high evaporation rates have translated into less water to our storage dams. The municipality has put in place measures to ensure the protection of water resources and its sustainable use. The municipality is in the process of instituting water restrictions in all areas where high water consumption has been identified in an effort to conserve water and manage demand. The water restrictions to be implemented will prohibit watering of gardens with hosepipes or a sprinkler system, washing vehicles with hosepipes and filling swimming pools.

Ugu District Municipality will continue to promote working together to create an environment that is friendly, responsive, accountable, effective and efficient for our communities.




For more information and media queries contact:

Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications

Mr France Zama                 

(039) 688 5711 or 071 447 2098


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