Latest water supply update from Ugu

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Ugu technical services are back in normal operation following a challenging day of mass COVID-19 screening and testing of technical teams.

Kaisers reservoir pumping main was repaired successfully; system will build up overnight and expected to feed Nositha reservoir in the morning.

Margate ext 3 and 7 will be restored by midday tomorrow and the game reserve later.

Power supply restored at Gamalakhe, hence water supply will be restored tonight going into the morning.

100mm pipe burst in Margate Erasmus rd repaired. Msikaba n Bethania 300mm burst pending while emergency welder is being sourced.

Mkholombe water shortage due to Marburg tower pump breakdown. Repairs will resume once the workshop is decontaminated and safe. Please allow a further 48 hours.

Kwahlongwa plant is offline due to pump breakdown. Please allow 48 hours for the workshop to be declared safe to access by technicians

More updates to follow in the morning.


Please note that the Gamalakhe tower is currently at 0% due to no power since yesterday. This has been reported to Eskom.

Kaisers reservoir is also empty but the pump is running; given to electricians and plumber.

Masinenge tower pump broken; electricians are attending to this issue.

The following areas are currently experiencing water supply shortages since this morning:

Margate, Ramsgate, Nositha, Masinenge

A major break on the pumping main to Kaisers reservoir was discovered and concealed last night.

It will take approximately 24 hours after technical completion for the supply to be restored.

Unfortunately, the teams responsible for most of the work today are busy undergoing screening and testing today, hence there will be delays, but work is in progress.

Communities are assured that a plan is in place to ensure continued supply of water under these difficult circumstances.

Shelly Beach:

The burst pipe near Cardinals and another one behind Shelly Centre, Edward street have been logged.

These breaks have been isolated to preserve the reservour levels.

The delay is due to the mass screening and testing of teams, very unfortunate.

Repairs will continue during the day; supply should be restored by this evening.

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