Wednesday water supply update from Ugu

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Please be advised that most of our water supply systems will be severely affected by Stage 4 load shedding. Eskom has confirmed that it will implement Stage 4 from 15:00 until 22:00.

This will mean that our systems will take longer than usual to recover. We would like to urge consumers to use water wisely during this period.


St Helen’s Rock pump station is operational and feeding purification works. Stage 2 load-shedding affected plant production yesterday at 12:00 – 14:30 and 20:00 – 20:30. There is also a planned load-shedding between 20:00 – 22:30 tonight.

Spring tides started yesterday, there is minimum saline water ingress to abstraction and we are monitoring it closely because there is a possibility of ingress during afternoon tides.

Bhobhoyi plant operational. Only Marburg booster is running, Northern, Southern boosters and Sport and Leisure off to build up plant level.

Marburg system: Marburg and Oslo Beach supply system will experience low pressure to no water due to low Marburg reservoir level after plant production interruption. Upper Marburg and Bhobhoyi Jesus supply stations i.e: Masinenge and Esperanza pumps are off due to low Marburg level.

Northern system:

Umzimkhulu command reservoir is currently less than 30% and gravity fed from plant; Umzimkhulu tower pumps off due to low Umzimkhulu level. Feed to Northern system opened: North Shepstone reservoir dropping slowly due to low Umzimkhulu level and New Bolton pumps tripped due to low suction will be started when Umzimkhulu builds up.

Melville and Anerley reservoir slowly dropping due low Umzimkhulu low level and to pick up when Umzimkhulu above 50%. Fairview pump station affected by low Umzimkhulu level. Woodgrandge and Hibberdene supply will be affected by low supply to Melville reservoir.

Stick farm pump is off due to Woodgrandge low level; water relief to be provided in the interim. Louisiana, Madlala pump station are affected by low Umzimkhulu level.

Albersville reservoir feeding Port Shepstone CBD is still stable. Reports of no water was sorted on Monday night after break repairs in Port Shepstone.

Southern System:

Seaslopes command reservoir is below 50% and feed to Ramsgate South and North opened: Ramsgate South and North reservoir healthy and above 80%.

Kaisers pumps still feeding upper Margate and Nosita; Game reserve has water and plumber to open and feed retuculation. Nosita reservoir healthy above 80%.

PLEASE NOTE THAT there is a planned maintenance work in Seaslopes and Kaisers reservoir to connect the 600 mm main into Seaslopes reservoir and Kaisers new tower connection to existing reservoir outlet feed to Margate Extension 3, 7 and Gayridge.

Ramsgate reservoir will remain opened to supply reticulation and Margate Extension 3 and 7, Gayridge supply will be shut for at least 6 hours for connection work and supply into SEASLOPES will be shut for at least 6 hours. Shutdown work is planned for 08:00 – 16:00.

Gamalakhe system:

Gamalakhe system: reservoir is 30% after interruption last night at Sport and Leisure. Msikaba line closed.

Uvongo, Shelly Beach and Margate CBD reservoirs are still healthy.

Umthavuna system:

Plant is operational; and feeding inland and Coastal system.

Hanover pump station and Coastal supply opened.

Port Edward supply line opened and Port Edward reservoir above 80%.. most areas has water.

Inland supply opened: Izingolweni line also opened.

Mhlabatshane system:

Umgeni plant opened supply to Mehlomnyama command reservoir. Dweshula is closed to divert water to lower supply area. Limited supply from the bulk system impact supply and restoration which results in some areas without water for many days.

Kwahlongwa system: plant operational.

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