What KZN Sharks Board’s latest flight revealed about sardine run

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We were able to fly our aircraft on Thursday morning to monitor the sardine run migratory movement from Cape waters, this is what happened:

After we had heard about all the sardine activity in the Mtentu/Msikaba area Wednesday with sharks, we managed to get permission to do a sardine patrol flight on Thursday morning the 11 June 2020.

There was scattered, thin pockets of sardines/baitfish between Warner Beach and Port Edward but mostly further off shore.

The area where all the activity was yesterday between the Mtentu river mouth and Goss point was quiet. We started seeing shoals of sardines close inshore, from Waterfall Bluff and these pockets continued right through to Rame Heads. There were hundreds of Gannetts with these shoals. Which is great to see.

There is a fresh South Westerly wind predicted for Friday so hopefully this pushes these fish through to KZN. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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Photo by Justin Klusener Photography

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