What makes the perfect man?

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What does it take to be the perfect man? Some rate his gentlemanly qualities as top priority, others agree that he’s got to be hard working, while most say that he should have a good education.

A survey conducted by CBS News that included 1168 participants, shows that his mother is rated as one of the most important influencers that will shape him into Mr Perfect.

It also showed that aside from a good education, he should have good manners and be willing to put his nose to the grinding stone when it matters.

A small percentage – five percent – said he should be willing to talk about his feelings, while just one percent said he should be a good athlete.

Getting drunk or angry often is what most said would ruin his chances of being labelled Mr Perfect, while most participants said that if they could change one thing in their partner it would be his temper. Other things women cited as something they like to change in their other half was his friends, sense of humour and physique.

The field was split over when a man could say he could call himself successful, on one side saying that he could come to a decision at age 40, while a tougher 23 percent insisted he could only really look back at his life and deem it successful when on his deathbed.

The good news is that most believe that chivalry is not dead yet – possibly proved by the gentlemanly way that many men go about their business – but it would unfortunately, the cheesy pick-up line is just as alive and well.

All in all, the perfect man is encapsulated in Grey’s Anatomy character neurosurgeon McDreamy played by Patrick Dempsey, according to the survey.

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