Wild Coast Sun Classic worth the wait

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The Wild Coast Sun Classic golf tournament has been synonymous with the Wild Coast Country Club, San Lameer and Southboom Golf Club for over 20 years.

The tournament is a three-day event with players playing individual stableford at each of the courses. This year, it was scheduled to be held in June but had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heeding to the calls of the golfers to try and fit it into 2020 and limited time people have to get away to play golf tournaments, organisers found suitable dates and reduced it to a two-day tournament, with players playing at Southbroom on Sunday, 1 November and Wild Coast Country Club on Monday, 2 November.

After some heavy rains during the week, the skies cleared and the players had a great time, with some excellent scores coming in on the first day at Southbroom.

The format of the tournament is such that if a golfer exceeds his handicap, he gets his handicap cut for the next day.

This didn’t deter local member Dr Ayoob Bux who scored a fabulous 43 and 38 to take the win on 81 points.

Next year, the tournament will revert to its usual dates in winter when the South Coast boasts the best golfing weather in the country, so golfers are urged to look out for it and book in advance.

Photo: Winner Dr Ayoob Bux with Peter Tshidi (Wild Coast Sun General Manager).

Getting into the swing of things were Navin Vijrajh (VIP Host Wild Coast Sun), Peter Tshidi (Wild Coast Sun General Manager), George Raman and Devan Naicker (Cash Desk Manager Wild Coast Sun).

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